Periodontal treatment

The first thing you do when you build a house is lay the foundations.  Well, it’s the same in dentistry and your periodontal health (gum health) is the foundation to your smile. For some a basic scale may be all that’s needed, others need thorough periodontal treatment.

At New Moston Dental we understand the importance of periodontal treatment and our therapists and hygienist are especially passionate and experienced in this field.

As well as the periodontal treatment itself, your daily oral hygiene routine is of upmost importance, and this we can advise you on and answer any questions you may have.

If you still have trouble keeping in control of your periodontal health despite regular treatment and a high standard of daily oral hygiene, or if you just want to seek the highest quality treatment we can provide, you may want to consider Full Mouth Disinfection.  This is a process which consists of 2 visits within a 24 hour period which gives you the highest quality non-surgical gum treatment available.

Our hygienist and therapists are also available for Airflow Stain Removal which provides a deep polish.

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